A New (Orleans) Play           


A note to my fellow San Diegans:

As I prepare to bring Interludes to my hometown, I am met with mixed responses. In New York, Interludes is praised for its bold and brave work which conveys stories and truth in an honest and open light. It is commended for taking risks, and not taking shortcuts. This has brought some concern to some San Diegans who are very near to my heart. I know that most of you who I know and grew up with, as well as the city of San Diego as a whole, are much more conservative than my New York audience. Interludes is not “Rated G.” Interludes is a real depiction of real life in a real city. There are references to drugs, violence, and sex in Interludes, just like there are references to those subjects in the Bible. New Orleans is a very spiritual place, and that aspect of life there can not be ignored. Interludes touches on topics of Christianity (both Catholic and Protestant) and the New Orleans tradition of Voodoo. It is my belief that regardless of religious affiliation, faith is a journey, and the times that you are met with struggles can turn out to be the largest affirmations of faith. (Our Biblical heroes such as David, Saul/Paul, and Peter, were met with immense struggles and yet we still look to them as examples of great faith.) If this concept offends you, or stretches your personal faith in a way that is uncomfortable for you, please do not come see this show. If you want to preserve your image of little Claire in her Grace Lutheran uniform, please do not come see this show. If you are willing to accept that I am a woman, an artist, an adult, and that I have personal message to share with you, please come see me in Interludes. I have spent two and a half years working on this show, and I am very proud to bring Interludes home, to the people who have molded me into who I am today. Thank you all for being a part of my life, for teaching, sharing, and growing with me. I look forward to seeing you at Interludes.