A New (Orleans) Play           


Thank you Lee Brock and the Barrow Group for believing in INTERLUDES and donating your space for the first workshop.

Thank you Arthur Fischer for showing me New Orleans from the back seat of your motorcycle.

‚ÄčThank you Joe Williamson for the sound design for The Duplex performance.

Thank you Lisa Moss for the lighting at the Duplex performance.  

Thank you Thank you Zillah Glory, Stephanie Kelley, Tiff Roma, Chrissi Jackson, and the Barrow Group monologue class for all of your encouragement.

Thank you to everyone who donated to help us get to the New York International Fringe Festival!  Brian Schwartz, Timothy Regan, Naomi Soto, Anonymous, John Replogle, Brendan MacNeil, Ope Peters, Stephen Miller, Brent Garcia, Lisa Cavalieri, Mimi Jones, Erin Rogers, Jorge Manahan, Dr. Paul and Eva Tooker, Linda Fowler, Leanne Surace, Shira S, Nick Nila, Isabella Rivera, Sidney Smith and Haunted History Tours, Andrew Mayer, Steve and Christine Anderson, Adrianna Aguilar, Brian Solvesen, Eileen Howard, Hejmadi Prabhu, In Memory of Cher, Colin Huggins, Eunice Wobble Wong, Jully Araujo, Iffy Roma, Dom Liboiron, Gisela Tangui, Doreen Calcagno, Raul and Mimi Arroyo, Arthur Phillips Jr, Amy Fradella Palmer, Eric Palmer, Adriana Diaz Donoso, Carmen Jule, Phil Robinson, Tara Roach, Gina-Nicole Caputo, Inna Langerman, Heather Cole, Jason Laney, Luis Camacho, Jonathan-Newell Roberts, David Israel Santa-Axman, Beverly Friedmann, Tracy Matheny, Christine Vogelsang, Janine Rainteau, Dan Dallas, Sally Anderson, Mandy Cat Kitana, Jeremy M. Trixx, John Pillarella, Amy Bayer Thompson, Chrissi Jackson, Christine and John Sargenti